New Year’s resolutions

We are starting our 2019 with plenty and ambitious challenges for Nimacloud.  The success we’ve achieved encourages us to continue working year after year, bringing our customers quality implementations, based on experience, knowledge and commitment.

Continue growing with our clients

In these more than 7 years of work, we have committed ourselves to more than 20 important companies from all around the world, developing quality applications, helping them to take advantage of Salesforce, and taking their business up to next levels.  In these years we have built a community between our clients (most of them are already friends) and our collaborators . We can’t imagine our road without them. Our customer’s success is ours.

Use the power of Salesforce to help Nonprofits to improve their missions

Working with, we have made quality implementations, which have helped Nonprofits to grow, and to carry out their work in a more profitable and useful way. The collaboration with the social sector has shown us that technology can be very useful when it comes to aid. The evidence of tangible results has made us feel very proud and with strong wishes to continue working this way.

Continue expanding our team to take on new challenges.

During 2018, our team increased by 40%. With the conviction of adding trained committed and passionate professionals, we began a year of growth, ensuring that the quality of our products and implementations displays itself as it has done so far.

Growing hand in hand with the Salesforce community

Being part of the salesforce community involves many  areas. We have the daily challenge of working in compliance with high quality standards, and seeking the improvement of our team and our products.

This year, we will again have the opportunity to participate in Salesforce events, such as Dreamforce, where in addition to training, we will continue to expand ties with this community that we love and we are proud to belong. We also hope to continue being part of the growth of the community in our country and throughout Latin America

Enjoy the ride

None of this could be achieved, without our team or without our commitment to enjoy every moment of the journey. Joining our colleagues, planning together and celebrating each achievement is what makes us grow in a sustained manner over time and projecting ourselves better each day. To go faster and further.


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