Our Dreamforce ’18 experience

Hosted by Salesforce, Dreamforce is held in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Every year surprised us with new stuff and innovatives way of doing the biggest technology conference in the world. Dreamforce consists of four days of learning, innovation, inspiration and philanthropy.

This year, at Nimacloud we decided that four of our teammates would attend the Dreamforce, in San Francisco. And the experience was amazing!

It was the first time for some of our colleagues, who were able to attend sessions, and learn tools to improve their performance working with Salesforce.

An important part of the conference is about connecting with the world’s Salesforce Community. It was really important for us to meet Trailblazers from different countries and share with them our experiences working with Salesforce. Without a doubt, Dreamforce is a celebration for the community.

Another central matter for the the conference is philanthropy. With a vision of business based on a model as an advocacy platform for social aid, gender equality and diversity in the workplace. We also attended several conferences at the Salesforce.org lodge, where we continued adding knowledge and experiences to work on our platform for Nonprofits.

The conference organizers deserve a lot of credit. Everything works perfectly, creating a clockwork mechanism, where  everything happens in time, with great quality and mentioning necessary and interesting topics for the community.

Dreamforce ’18 was a great experience for us, left us wanting to continue learning and growing hand in hand with Salesforce, to provide a better service for our customers

How was your Dreamforce ’18 experience? See you there next year!

Meet the experience through our eyes! here



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