Our team


At Nimacloud we believe that the team is the main component of our work. For more than five years, we have worked to develop our team, and generate a group of people committed and ready for professional challenges, without forgetting the values that guide us. Inspired in Salesforce philosophy, we guide our team, through the values of equality, customer satisfaction, transparency, giving back, wellbeing and fun. Our success is the result of our team culture and work commitment.

Nimacloud is full of smart and dynamic people, with passion on getting things done, and care for every detail. Our colleagues are dedicated team players who bring energy, ideas and pride to their work. Each member is a vital component of our teamwork, and that allow us to deliver top results. As Salesforce lovers, we ensure our customers will always be in the hands of high-skilled certified people. Also, our team is always up to date with the latest features and products through Salesforce certifications and workshops. Salesforce Developers, Administrators and Consultants is what Nimacloud is made of. We are always up to date with cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, in order to ensure the best results with the best tools available.

Our continuous growth demands that we remain on the constant lookout for new and qualified staff. Every day, we work united and committed in doing our best. But we never go it alone. We support and are supported to develop our team, working hard but enjoying our job. Driving business up to the cloud, helping companies and Nonprofit Organizations to go faster and further.  


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