TestingUy conference in Uruguay

This year, Nimacloud had the pelasure of being sponsor of TestingUy, the most important testing conference in Uruguay.


For most industries, performing quality tests on their products is becoming more and more essential. Simplifying a little the definition, quality is the degree of satisfaction of certain requirements with which a product meets. The software industry is not the exception to the rule and this is where testing comes from.

For a few years and with the advancement of this discipline, there is a need to create spaces in which it is possible to generate a stronger community, sharing more experiences on various topics related to testing, fostering trust and strengthening links among participants. In response to this, is that a group of passionate about testing decided to form TestingUy, an event that takes place once a year and seeks to promote this discipline at all levels.

Currently, the team of the organization is made up of experts in the area with national and international recognition such as Claudia Badell, Federico Toledo, Guillermo Skrilec and Gustavo Guimerans.

The best of TestingUy 2018

The free event, which took place on May 21 and 22 at Antel Tower, was faithful to its foundational foundations, which is to continuously work to unite the efforts of the different stakeholders in the Testing community, share experiences, new technologies and knowledge.

This year was a very special edition since it was the fifth since its origins, a milestone for the entire testing community in Uruguay and the region. Thanks to the support of the sponsors, it was attended by Derk-Jan De Grood, Senior Test Manager and Agile transition Coach, who came from the Netherlands.

In his work as a consultant, he helps companies in the adoption and use of Scrum, as well as in the creation of quality strategies. Noted for its extensive participation in workshops and conferences, it has been part of events in the environment such as “Agile Testing Days”, “Seoul Testing Conference”, “EXPO: QA”, “Freetest” and “STAR”. In 2014 he received the prize for testing excellence of EUROSTAR and is the author of the book “Agile in the real world, starting with Scrum”. This visit and the positive feedback received contribute to the positioning of Uruguay as a reference country in the IT industry.

The day was attended by almost 500 people distributed in different activities and from different countries (Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay) both at the level of participants and exponents. The first day of the event workshops were held, while in the second the exhibition talks. The agenda was assembled based on the proposals received from those interested in sharing knowledge, both for the public that has recently joined the world of testing, as well as for those with a greater degree of experience. On the first day, seven workshops were offered, which quickly sold out the spots and generated a waiting list.

On the second day, it featured 10 exhibitions that covered a wide range of topics, with the keynote “The Art of Excellence, Adding value as an IT professional” by Derk Jan.

In addition to the quality of the usual presentations, highlighted by the transmission of talks via streaming to break barriers and bring people who could not attend the meeting.

Article taken form El Pais- See the original here



Our colleagues Carmela and Florencia attended TestingUy Conference. See their experiences:

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