My experience at TestingUy

By Florencia Viurrarena
QA Analyst at Nimacloud


I had the pleasure of participate as a public in TestingUy 2018, on its fifth anniversary. On May 22, talks were held throughout the day at the Mario Benedetti Auditorium, Torre de Antel.

The event was wonderful, not only the organization, but also the location and the services provided so that the attendees felt comfortable and enjoyed it. The schedule was respected, both in the talks, as breaks or lunch. It was taken into account (with a simultaneous translation system) people who do not understand Portuguese and / or English. Since there was a talk in each language.

Attend this kind of events is very rewarding and enriching, as it is positive, internalized in other methodologies, tools and learn about the difficulties raffled by other teams (in other words, other realities that provide a different vision to the everyday).

I attended many talks, with focus on different areas of  Testing. From each of them I take a learning, a moral that makes me see my work in a different way, where I reflect on how I can improve, both my work itself, as the processes, or the user experience with the product we deliver.

They showed tools that I have not used so far, such as Mind Maps and Nightwatch.js, which could be very useful in any project that requires it, when it comes to translating the requirements to be verified in a functionality, or as a simple and clear way to automate, respectively, but in both cases with a more enjoyable and less vertiginous learning curve.

IOT (Internet of things) is something that I personally did not have very clear, I did not know what it was, nor how it could be tested. Through a case of clear and real use, it was explained and approached the testers to what we could see as a barrier and showed how it would be one of the ways to verify those processes through interaction with people. Which was very interesting and enriching.

Another important point was raised and we were made aware of a reality that exists and that we are sometimes outsiders. The one of the people who do not have the resources to access good mobile devices, good internet signals, or who have an average disability that does not allow them to use computers or applications regularly. We as part of the service we provide, we can not leave them behind and discriminate against them for being in that situation, on the contrary, as well as large companies in the market, we must have options. More inclusive options, that use fewer resources, that allow a user with low vision or mild deafness to be able to use the applications and help as much as possible to improve the interaction with the applications, facilitating and not making things more complex.

Very grateful to have participated in this fifth edition of TestingUy. Super recommendable! Now let creativity flow and internalize in the tools and ideas that allow me to improve my day to day and the quality of my work.


WhatsApp Image 2018-05-22 at 1.57.28 PM.jpegWhatsApp Image 2018-05-22 at 1.06.50 PM.jpeg

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