TestingUy and Derk-Jan de Grood’s workshop

By Carmela Sosa
QA Analyst at Nimacloud


Last May 23rd, I was able to attend to a workshop directed by Derk-Jan de Grood thanks to the TestingUy team who organized everything for it to be the best experience possible.

Derk-Jan works for Valori as Senior Test Manager and Agile Transition Coach. As a consultant he helps organizations with their Scrum adoptions and embedding a quality strategy. He is an experienced trainer, workshop host and a regular speaker at conferences like Agile Testing Days, the Seoul Testing Conference, EXPO:QA, Freetest and the STAR conferences in Europe and America. He wrote several successful books on software testing and frequently publishes articles and columns for major magazines. On his own blog he shares his knowledge and experience for everyone to benefit. In 2014 he won the EuroSTAR testing excellence award. In 2016 he published an agile book: Agile in the real world, starting with Scrum.

In the workshop we had the chance to stop and re think in our testing strategies, as well as in what matters the most at delivering a quality product and experience to our customers.
We were able to exchange points of view with colleagues with different perspectives, experiences and work methodologies, through different activities which involved identifying and analyzing different phases of an Agile Test Strategy and their activities, which activities matter the most to our development team and stakeholders and from here, how to align them with the needs.
We also had some introspection time discussing about ourselves in order to find out our strong and weak points and what is the real meaning of the word “Awesomeness”, what really means to be good in what we do so we can work to improve what needs to be improved considering what adds value to our day to day work and our final product.
At the end of the day we took all of those insights and reflections into practice and we elaborated a strategy in what was our final activity.


41470996475_0d13cce781_zTestingUy 2018 Taller Seeking awesomeness in agile testing con Derk-Jan De Grood

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