6 years of Nimacloud



This is a special month for Nimacloud, we are celebrating our 6th anniversary.

Everything started by dreaming the company where we wanted to work, with a passionate team, collaborative, in continuous training, with ethical sense, where each one of the members adds value from his specialty, working with his head raised to new technologies and needs from our clients, in order to propose the best solutions.

After innumerable projects, anecdotes, achievements and changes we have experienced, today we are a different company: we are a team. Thanks to the effort, dedication, involvement and professionalism of each and every one of the people that work here, we have grown steadily.

Thanks to the trust of the clients who followed us from previous projects and the many who joined us. Thanks to that we work on what we like. Thanks to those who helped us from different places. Thanks to all, the balance of this journey is very positive.

In these years we work on over 30 challenging and diverse projects. We will continue to give to each one of them, and to each client, more than what they expect. We will endeavor to proactively propose ideas, strategies, and solutions. It’s key. We know that this commitment will depend on renewing your trust.

Our history does not stop, and today more than ever we live the challenge of being able to offer you new levels of service, with new certifications and experience, to grow with our clients, helping companies and social organizations to go faster and further. 

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