We were in Punta Dreamin’18!

Last March, we were platinum sponsors of Punta Dreamin’18, the conference of the  Latin American Salesforce community, at the Conrad hotel, in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

During the conference, we enjoyed talks from Sofia Rodriguez Mata, Vladimir Gerasimob,  Don Robins, Angela Mahoney, Elena Inurrategui, among other international representatives of the Salesforce community. This year, we also share with several local speakers.

Many topics were presented and discussed, such as Block Chain, Salesforce Einstein, Salesforce for Non Profits, Lightning Design System, Continuous Integration Testing, and Big Objets.

In this opportunity, in addition to sponsoring the event, we participated with  two talks, Big Data,  Big Objects, by our developer Martin de León, and another, Empower QA, by our QA Analysts, Camila Pose and Florencia Viurrarena. For our collaborators, it was their first experience in a conference with these characteristics and importance, and they avoided the challenge with excellent results.

We also presented “Basket Force”, a basket game designed by our team, based on the integration of a basketball board with Salesforce. All the participants played in the space between talks.

It is important for Nimacloud to participate in these events because it brings us closer to the Latin American Salesforce community, among the information and the actualization always important for our continuous technical improvement.

Some pictures of our team in Punta Dreamin’18

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