Going to Dreamforce?


Dreamforce 2017 is around the corner! Are you planning to attend?

Dreamforce It is one of the largest technology conferences in the world and attracts thousands of people. It offers recognized speakers and interpreters and is often a platform for announcements and updates of new products. Sessions, trainings, meetings and also, lot of fun. Four days for living a full ¨Salesforce experience¨

Some of our Nimacloud`s teammates will attend the conference for the first time, so we’ve prepared some useful links to help them on the adventure.

Dreamforce official site
The official conference´s website. Our favourite section: SCHEDULE. There you can find the schedule, the sessions, separated by area, product or role in the company. Very useful for prepare an agenda before the event.

Some tips about how to wear, what kind of shoes use, and how to build your daily agenda. A must for first timers attendees!

Dreamforce Jetpack 2017

This collection of 10 Dreamforce downloads will prepare you for every aspect of Dreamforce, either from 30,000 feet or at your desk. Includes videos, guides and recommendations of places for visiting near the conference.

How to planning a productive Dreamforce? There are some simple things that you can do for make your participation a success! Here, some interesting tips, for not losing anything!

Dreamoji stickers
Dreamoji is the best way to express yourself with your favorite Salesforce characters.

Good luck guys, see you there!

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