Decide if Salesforce is Right for Your Nonprofit

Is Salesforce right for your Nonprofit?

If you work for a nonprofit (and we hope you do), you know that setting up IT systems takes time and money that you don’t have. It’s easy to feel like technology is working against you. After all, most systems aren’t designed to help you manage your unique programs and overcome the biggest challenges you face.

Do some of these challenges ring true for your organization?

  • My data is scattered across multiple systems, paper documents, and sticky notes.
  • My donor information is never quite up-to-date despite my staff’s best efforts, and I don’t have a full picture of all the ways constituents interact with my organization beyond what they’ve donated.
  • It’s hard to forecast how many donations we’ll bring in this year. I don’t know where we stand today relative to fundraising targets.
  • It takes forever to compile reports for my board and funders. I wish I could more readily answer questions like: How many people did our programs serve last week, last month, and last quarter? How are we making a difference in our constituents’ lives?
  • I’m fed up with manually managing finances, sponsorships, attendance, and follow-up for events.
  • I wish it took less effort to get the word out to our supporters.
  • It seems like our IT budget is simply not sufficient.

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