5 Tips for Successful Post-Sale Communication

Successful marketers have to keep a 360-degree view of the customer experience. From converting a lead into a customer to maintaining the loyalty of that new customer, businesses who have a solid post-sale communication strategy stand a higher chance at maintaining their hard-won customers.

While many businesses focus on customer conversion, the real gold is in customer retention and that starts with the post-sale relationship. Did you know that it’s six times more expensive to convert a new customer than it is to keep an existing one?

Here are some tips on how to improve your post-sale communication with customers:

1. Purchase confirmation

The first step after a customer makes a purchase from your business is the confirmation message. This is your first post-sale chance to win your customer’s heart with a branded confirmation message. Think it’s not worthwhile investing in an awesome post-purchase message?

Consider the fact that 64 percent of people think that confirmation emails are the highest priority messages in their inbox. And, at 114.3 percent, their open rates soar above bulk emails’ 14.4 percent open rates. So spending time crafting a branded message instead of generating an automated purchase confirmation is a chance for you to captivate your customer at a time when you know they’re going to be paying attention.

Forgo the plain text and the generic writing for a message that gets the customer excited about doing business with you. Use fonts that are pleasing to the eye, add a personalized touch, and use images that reaffirm your brand’s style.

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