How is AI Transforming Customer Journeys and Marketing?

Let’s face it: Artificial intelligence is an intimidating topic for most of us. Perhaps that’s due to Hollywood depictions or doomsday prognosticators, but I suspect it’s mostly attributable to a lack of understanding. It all seems so, well…futuristic.Screen-Shot-2016-11-07-at-3.19.56-PM

But what if I told you AI is already happening all around you? Chances are that you experience it every day.

Ever play a game of chess, or any video game for that matter, where your opponent is a computer? That was AI.

Did you tell Siri to set an alarm last night before bed or check the weather when you woke up? AI for the win.

Secretly happy that the new Justin Bieber song turned up on your Spotify Discover Weekly or Pandora Station? You can thank AI for that too, (you Belieber you)!

Whether it’s a simple product recommendation or a self-driving car that will pick you up, we as consumers have come to expect and even depend on AI to improve our lives.

For marketers, this begs a question: What will AI mean for business and the employees responsible for delivering customer experiences?

Read full article here

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