3 Things You May be Doing to Hurt Sales Rep Retention

If you ranked sales leaders’ biggest pain points, rep retention would be high on the list. Onboarding takes time and money. After you get someone performing, the last thing that you want is for that person to quit. Starting the whole process all over again creates more work for you, lowers team morale, and hurts your ability to attract top talent. It’s a vicious circle.



Imagine what you could gain for your business if you were able to reduce that turnover – even by a small amount. By retaining your best performers, you save the expense and resources required to find someone new.

To retain reps longer, you need to understand why they leave. When you start seeing sales rep turnover increase in your organization, take a peek under the hood for a closer look at what might be the problem. Following are three common areas where problems occur:

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