4 Tips for Navigating Your Business in the Culture of Immediacy


In today’s market, the concept of waiting is dead. We get frustrated when our online orders take longer than a few days, let alone weeks; we abandon TV shows that take longer than a few minutes to buffer; and we curse web pages that don’t instantly load. The proliferation and adoption of mobile and connected devices has created a culture of immediacy in which customers expect instant and always-on interactions with companies. Businesses must adapt quickly in order to thrive, let alone survive.

In the recent “State of the Connected Customer” research report, Salesforce Research analyzed findings from more than 7,000 global consumers and business buyers to uncover changing expectations for a smarter customer experience. Customers revealed their demands for businesses to provide instant interactions that cater to their mobile-first lifestyles. Unsurprisingly, millennials — the increasingly-influential demographic with tremendous buying power —  are at the forefront of the culture of immediacy. In fact, 51% of millennial consumers agree they run their lives from their mobile device(s) and 84% of millennial business buyers agree their mobile device is essential to the work they do.

Read full article here

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