Tracking Complicated Human Services Client Relationships with NPSP

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) can be a powerful tool for use cases beyond fundraising. We recently collaborated with an organization to use NPSP as part of the solution for program management in Salesforce. The organization does therapeutic work with at-risk children in the Seattle area. Children served by this organization often have a complex web of caregivers, relatives, foster parents, siblings, half-siblings, case workers, and other significant people in their lives. These children frequently change living situations. The organization needed to have an accurate view into each child’s familial and living situation, as well as a way to update caregiver and household information as it changed.

For example, consider this information that needs to be tracked about an enrolled child:

  • Jen Goodkid’s biological mother is Maddie James.
  • Jen used to live with Maddie, but now lives with her grandmother and aunt.
  • Jen, her grandmother, and her aunt recently moved to a new location.
  • Jen’s biological father is Jack Jones, who is currently barred from contact with her.
  • Jen has a half-brother named John Sweetkid who is also enrolled in the program.
  • John lives with Jack.
  • John was previously in foster care with the Smith family.
  • Jen and John have a caseworker in common.
  • Jen used to have a different caseworker.

Whew! How to keep track of all this and view it in a clear and useful way? The organization needed to look at Jen Goodkid’s record and see at a glance who was in her life, as well as view from her father’s (Jack Jones) Contact record his relationships with his kids.


Enter the Nonprofit Success Pack. We were able to make use of the built-in NPSP Household and Relationship functionality to get us about 80% of the way there. The remainder took a combination of some custom fields, configuration, and process builder flows to keep the information we needed in sync.


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