Why Nonprofits Need Industry-standard Data Architecture

Whether it’s helping children, saving the environment, or curing disease, a nonprofit’s biggest challenge is fulfilling its mission. But challenges such as sustainability, donor engagement, and constituent management continue to drain many nonprofit’s resources. Inadequate technology often makes solving these challenges nearly impossible. In fact, in a study by the Center for Effective Philanthropy, 77 percent of those surveyed said they wanted more help “Using technology to improve my organization’s effectiveness.” A nonprofit cannot thrive on technology alone. But good technology smoothes out all the challenges that go into being an effective nonprofit.

Improving nonprofit operations begins with better data architecture. For any organization, data is its most important technical asset. Data architecture determines how an organization’s data is structured, maintained, and integrated. Getting data right sets up the whole organization up for success. That’s what makes Salesforce’s announcement of the the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) so exciting.

Salesforce, of course, has grown into a tech industry behemoth. They have set the standard for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology. What makes Salesforce a great technology for nonprofits is they take the operational efficiency they’ve developed for business, and mixed it with their domain knowledge and heart for philanthropy. To help nonprofits leverage Salesforce technology, they created Salesforce.org, a unique nonprofit that makes grants to youth and education organizations, as well as helps other nonprofits improve their technology.


Read full article on : http://www.salesforce.org/nonprofits-need-industry-standard-data-architecture/

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